img-storia“It was the seventies and my father built a restaurant to satisfy his desire to eat and drink well, especially in the company of the friends and family and, like all things created with passion, was a great success. But the activities a family if you do not have an adequate generational change are destined to a slow decline. Inevitably, it happened to us since my brothers and I had chosen other paths, young, still studying at hotel school in Formia. Meanwhile, the restaurant has seen other managements. In 1990, having completed his studies, I found the previous administration and since then I have put all my trust, my commitment and my passion. Then in 1997 he joined the ia Michela life and with her I embarked on a new journey. Together we have faced difficult times related to a number of factors all negative: the historic clientele My father was now thinned, I was looking for and I wanted to give a different slant to our dishes and make them become more and more fish with a precise call and the enhancement of local products, however, and the big decision to take care of the kitchen in the first person, as the hall could count on the help of my wife. The first few years it was not easy to make a change to the local, especially when looking out from the kitchen I saw the room empty and the question I asked myself was that if I had made the right choice or not. However, we believed we had together and the right determination to go ahead and enough compliments from customers for giving us the strength to face enormous sacrifices so many years working in the “zero growth”. Finally in 2001 came the first awards from the gourmet guides and are also the years in which people get to know and look for a kitchen no longer about quantity but quality and with the passage of time we were able to appreciate us for our reliability and consistency in the gastronomic proposal. “